My Way

A Layman's Guide to Atoms, Physics, and the Human Experience

Peter Maurer

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ISBN: 1-57733-068-4, 196 pages, 6x9, paper, $14.95

This book is to help you understand: Easy to understand, this book shows what small changes are required in people's ways of looking at life in order to achieve a more positive attitude and greater happiness.


"It is amazing that Peter Maurer tries the 'impossible' of combining such different areas as astronomy, religion, and nuclear physics in one great theory. ... His message is clear: Respect the world, you are part of it!" Harald Lutz, geoecologist, Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland

"By assigning a divine property to every atom in our universe, including the atoms we are made of, Peter Maurer has outlined a philosophy ... to establish a co-evolution of nature and mankind for a common and prosperous future. His partly physics-based understanding of nature, combined with his fresh, positive, straightforward, and autonomous way of thinking, leads us to a more careful and respectful attitude toward our natural sisters and brothers: animals, plants, air, water, earth, stones, molecules, and atoms. Such a holistic view of the world urges us to take more responsibility for our home planet Earth and also for our personal life." Dr. Fritz Gassmann, physicist, Switzerland

"In his own very original and easy-to-understand style, Peter Maurer proves, in a mind-opening way, that God the Creator is to be found within everything!" Mike Boss and Roman Wyden, filmmakers

Table of Contents


Part One
1. The Basics
2. Fiction or Truth? (Short Version)
3. Education
4. Philosophy and What We Expect from It

Part Two
5. Questions and Answers

Part Three
6. Philosophy on the Highest Level
7. How to Make a Difference
8. A Word from God


1. The Earth, My Paradise - It Must be Heaven!

What is paradise for us? We have the ability to change a few things in our lives, to get closer to paradise and enjoy happiness. It is closer than we think.

Do you want to go to heaven? I believe I am already there. The earth, as it is presented to us, is perfect. Our own existence is a miracle. And yet we have so many worries, disappointments, and pains.

We need to find a way to dissolve our problems, to find a way that will make us happy, carefree, independent, and healthy. Are we ready to take the necessary actions? Once we start enjoying our new-found paradise, we will feel better and this will also affect our health positively. It has been said that 90% of all illnesses are caused by emotional disharmony. Let us look at a few basic requirements to find "Our Way." To be able to go all the way, we have to find the beginning first.

2. What We Need to Do

a. Find God. You may have done that for yourself already.

b. Accept God. Believe and trust in God.

c. Learn to listen to God. God communicates with us internally. God is always there for us; we just don't always listen. When we have to make a decison and we are not sure, or when we have a question, we need to find out how it feels subconsciously. We can do that by concentrating on our inner self. In other words, meditate, pray, get quiet. At this point, we should not confuse feelings with emotions. Feelings have very little to do with thinking, while emotions hardly exist without thinking. To be able to receive God, we have to learn to communicate without thinking.

d. Fill our brains with positive stuff. It's like taping a video. We cannot expect a happy, funny presentation after we have taped only disturbing, sad situations.

e. Learn to accept things we cannot change, for instance, the past. For matters we like to change, we may ask God for assistance and strength. ("... ask, and you will receive: ... knock, and the door will be opened.: - Luke 9:11)

f. Live now! Not in the past, and not in the future, because they only exist for us on earth.

g. Learn to forgive other people. They, like us, are part of evolution. They do their things; we do ours. The universe makes no difference between good or bad. Things just are. Let them be! God will not judge us, so we should not judge others. People on our planet are able to experience the bad so they can find happiness and joy in the good. If "bad" wouldn't exist for us, we also would not know what is "good."

3. Scales

Measuring, weight, and temperature scales, as we know them, are only of value on earth. For the rest of the universe, they are useless. Since the size of our planet, compared to the size of the universe, is like a grain of sand in the desert, it soon becomes apparent that dimensions, time, distances, temperatures, and so on, are relative; or, as Einstein may have said, everything is relative. Those scales seem to be, for us, like toys for our joy and entertainment. They create emotions and part of our assignment here is to learn to deal with them. Since we are chosen to experience heaven in paradise on earth, we may as well play with the differences. After our time here, we may have to go where emotions are not a part of being. After we have learned to control them, they are also no longer of importance.

4. Time

Time is maybe the most controversial issue. We measure time in thousandths of a second. By those standards, the earth must be about 140,000,000,000,000,000,000 times older. If, on a different, universal scale, our planet would be one million years old, our life-span here would only be about .017 second. The one-day fly would last .0000006 seconds. We don't even want to try to compare these figures with the age of the universe.

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