My Way II

God Is All There Is

Peter Maurer

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ISBN: 1-57733-105-2, 220 pages, 6x9, paper, $16.95

"In order to be able to experience the positive in life, one must have the ability to accept the negative as the necessary opposite pole that makes the existence of the positive possible."

For anything to become real, whether it is a force, a substance, or a condition, it always takes two counteracting charges, the plus and minus of electricity. Conflict is created through these opposing forces. Magnetism is the attracting force of conflict in substances and conditions. In life, the attracting force of conflict is called love. The more conflicts we deal with during life, the more we live, the more we feel. The better we learn to deal with emotions, the more we will enjoy living.

My Way II explains the connection between God and sub-atomic particles, how God's energy functions, and how these realizations can help us enjoy our lives more.

There are a few generators that can actually do that. They are neutrinos, photons, neutrons, and, of course, Atoms. Since all particles are able to change into each other, they are everything there is.

Table of Contents


1: Dealing with the Truth
2: My Truth Works for Me
3: A Selection of Information
4: From Confusion to Unity
5: Understanding Life

6: My Soul, My God

7: Awareness Is the Key to Happiness
8: Life Can Be Fun
9: It's Your Life, Too

The Movie: THE TRUTH or particles-awareness


How Does One Become a Philosopher?

For us to find our truth, these are the basic requirements. A cook would call them ingredients. Now let's see how we can assemble all this to create out of ourselves a philosopher.

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