Cheryl Parsell

Author of  Best of the Best

Cheryl Parsell was born and raised in southern California. She worked in Silicon Valley for a number of years as a material supervisor and master scheduler. After her husband’s death in the early 1990s, Cheryl left the corporate world to be back with her family in southern California.

Throughout her life, Cheryl has had an enduring interest in metaphysics. When she received an astrology chart as a gift, she was more than a little intrigued. "The accuracy of it fascinated me," she comments. Soon thereafter, Cheryl started taking classes and studying every aspect of astrology. She approached the subject with the intent to gather enough information to determine for herself the validity ... or not ... of the concepts. As her enthusiasm, knowledge, and notes grew, Cheryl began doing astrology readings for others. It was then that she discovered how widespread the public interest is in delving beyond daily horoscopes into the deeper levels of planetary effects on our lives. She also learned that many people, like her, were daunted by the enormous amount of repetitious and incomplete study materials on the market. With the desire to create a complete astrology text for beginners, Cheryl compiled all of her research into a work that has enough rudimentary and detailed information to satisfy every aspiring astrologer.

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