Best of the Best

An Anthology and Astrological Primer

Cheryl Parsell

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ISBN: 1-57733-020-X, 568 pages, 6x9, paper, $27.95

Interested in astrology but confused where to start?
Intimidated by the volumes available?
Curious if you are truly compatible with that someone special or concerned about what job best suits your talents?

Best of the Best teaches you how to make and read a horoscope with easy-to-follow instructions. It gives a basic introduction to:

Best of the Best contains all the tables needed to construct a natal chart including ascendants and daylight savings time. Culled from the best contemporary works and combined with the ancient wisdom of teachers like Ptolemy, Best of the Best is a complete astrological primer that touches on a wide array of meanings from the mundane to the esoteric. It is presented in a basic and easy to read format.

"Astrology answers the 'whys' and gives a clue as to what we are doing here and now. For many of us, it is a way to erase the hard core of doubt we have inside and to understand how we got to this point in time." Cheryl Parsell

Table of Contents

Interpreting the Chart
Love and Relationships
Constructing the Chart
Charts and Tables


Astrology is not a form of fortune telling, it does not enter the realms of psychic ability or mediumship. Astrology has long been used to help in scientific calculations of natural occurrences. Sydney Omarr, in his book, My World of Astrology, cites many examples of how scientists utilize the data from astrology to assist in the study of their individual fields. One such example is the research John Henry O'Neill conducted, while working for RCA, on how magnetic storms that coincided with conjunctions, squares, and oppositions of planets affect shortwave radio reception. Another is the way Dr. Carl Gustav Jung, a modern pioneer of psychotherapy, augmented his work with his patients by studying their astrological charts. And of course the Moon's effects on tides has long been recognized.

Astrology is a field that deduces from the astronomical positions of the planets the challenges and talents to which a person will be subject. It acts much as the DNA in our cells does. If one set of chromosomes is present, certain characteristics will probably appear in the child. If this set of chromosomes is damaged, certain things will probably challenge the child. As scientific studies have shown, individuals are a combination of nature and nurture. The astrological chart indicates what factors, both physical and psychological, are present in a person's life. But, the astrological chart shows only one's potential; free will determines the outcome. Astrology existed before recorded history. That it continues to endure is testimony to its accuracy, not some stargazer's imagination.

We seem to be living in an era of quick fixes and instant gratification. As in other fields, there are some who claim to be able to solve all of our problems for a fee. They would lead people to believe that the astrologer, and the astrologer alone, is capable of delving into the "mysteries of the universe" and coming up with the "answer." Astrologers are not people to whom the "truth" has been given. They are people who have studied long and hard to master their subject, just as you would for a college or technical school degree. There is nothing "mystical" about astrology. It is a field that is available to anyone who is willing to undertake its study....

Astrology is a tool that, used properly, can help us make sense out of life. The data contained within the chart is neither good nor bad, it just is, much as whether you were born with blue or brown eyes, or some other trait, is neither good nor bad. This information is like a laser. It can be used for terrible destruction or, as in the case of lasers in micro-surgery, it can be used for great good.

Astrology can help us understand why we may be prone to temper outbursts, inspirational thoughts, malicious behavior, or saintly acts. It can show us what our weaknesses are and where our strengths lie. For example, suppose you have a brilliant child who tries its hand at things but can't seem to settle into one direction in life. Or perhaps you feel as though you are aimlessly wandering without a clue to what direction your life should take. Astrology shows what direction in life would most satisfy your yearning to be a productive person. It reveals the areas where your talents lie, and it can lead to a productive pursuit of goals that are compatible with your talents.

This book is intended to be a beginning text for those seriously interested in the study of astrology. It is a compilation of some of the excellent, but often repetitious, material available. It is intended to give a basic introduction to the construction and interpretation of an astrology chart. All the instruction and data needed to construct a "horoscope" or astrology chart are included in this book. This way the student does not need to spend hundreds of dollars on books, or thousands of dollars on a computer, before deciding whether or not this is a field to pursue.

The study of astrology has brought me within sight of a goal I never believed was within reach. It is my fervent hope and wish, for all, that this book will help explain you to yourself a little better. Astrology answers the "whys" and gives a clue to what we are doing here and now. For many of us, it is a way to erase the hard core of doubt we have inside and to understand how we got to this point in time.

Blue Dolphin Publishing, 2003

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