The Spiritual Nature of the Universe

The Origins, Character and Destiny of the Soul

William Pless

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ISBN: 1-57733-079-X, 252 pages, 6 x 9, paper, $14.95

The Spiritual Nature of the Universe is an all-encompassing narrative that combines traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs with nontraditional principles to reveal an aggregate truth that is satisfying and inspiring to both mind and soul. It is a series of chronicles about everything that concerns mankind spiritually. The story of God and his relationship with humanity imparts NEW REVELATIONS that help us fully understand our spiritual legacy and to recognize that all people of every faith, and every nationality are part of God.


"Being an analytical person, I had many unanswerd questions relating to religion. The Spiritual Nature of the Universe answered every question or mystery that I've ever pondered. This book has helped reaffirm my faith and connection with God." Lisa H. Hays, AZ

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P. Downey, December 2, 2000

"This is the most phenomenal, sensational, thought-provoking book I have ever had the pleasure of reading. This book will surely be a household item. The content of this book has given me a renewed and more focused sense of direction. There is nothing else like it! Treat yourself; personally, this book is worth a 1000 times what I paid for it. All I can say is 'READ IT, READ IT, and RE-READ IT!!!!'"

"One of the most profound and compelling books I have ever read. I felt a stirring of something deep within my soul that recognized what I was reading and knew it to be true. This book has changed my life forever and brought my relationship with God to a more personal level. I look at people and life differently now and feel a sense of understanding and peace." Elaine Fillman, AZ

"This book, with its profound messages, will light the way for the serious searcher into the existence of God and the mysteries of Creation. With extraordinary clarity, the darkening veils that have obscured the great truths are removed and the reader is led into spiritual realms never before explored." G.P., FL

Table of Contents


1. Genesis of God and the Universe
2. Creation of Life and Beauty in the Universe
3. The Fall of Lucifer and the Angels
4. God Establishes the Age of Redemption
5. The Age of Mankind - Intellectual and Spiritual Development
6. God's Gift of Christ His Son to Mankind
7. Articles of Spirituality and Faith
8. The Age of Mankind - Matters of Current Interest
9. From Now to the End of the Age of Redemption

Epilogue: A Message from Christ to the Souls of Mankind


There is One God, and He is the one who can be credited with Creation and all things that are good. He is the only one worthy to be called "God" and to be worshipped by all to whom He has given life. He is the only god that is omniscient and omnipotent and who is also indestructible and eternal.

Yet, the world seems to worship many gods. Even those whose religion focuses on the One God do not know Him and cannot agree upon what He desires of all. People worship Him in ways that they perceive to be right, but some things are not right due to a lack of knowledge and understanding. Not everything they associate with God in worship is acceptable to him. Where is the truth and understanding that will enlighten their beliefs and creeds? It is evident that a transforming enlightenment will not come unless there is a new flow of Divine Wisdom.

God himself chose to be what He IS from many possibilities inherent in his being. Therefore, in his own development, He rejected many properties that could have defined Him differently. God cannot be all things to all people, for in this world He is a choice in matters of good and evil, light and darkness, life and death. Those who worship Him must also reject things that are not Divine because they can have no part in Him.

Many truths that support religious beliefs are incomplete, fragmentary and selective. The Holy Bible provides the basis for most of the truths for Judeo-Christian beliefs. Among the religions are many interpretations of the Scriptures and ideas that cause differences between worshippers. Yet, there is only one meaning that is true about anything God has done or spoken through his prophets. The way to Truth is straight and narrow. Truth is clear and distinct. In Truth there is no equivocation between alternative possibilities of meaning. Therefore, this book will give none. There is only one way that anything has occurred, only one thought for anything that was spoken. Disagreement, therefore, comes only from ignorance and misunderstanding. Enlightenment comes by one opening his eyes to the Light and his mind to the Truth.

It is said that all things are possible with God. The statement is true enough, but there is a condition associated with it that is never stated. All things that are possible must also be rational, that is, they must conform to God's spiritual and physical laws. These laws, which God must also obey, determine all that is possible. Therefore, all possible things are rational. All that is created, all that occurs as activity, must be rational. Irrational deeds are not possible, even with God. The adage is more accurately expressed as all rational things are possible with God. They may not all seem possible to humanity.

This book presents an account of some events performed by God that are significant to the present state of Mankind. It proceeds from God's own genesis to the present time and to the end of the Age that He has established for the enlightenment of humanity and the redemption of fallen angels. In this story one can learn truths that will increase his knowledge and understanding of God and his ways, and deepen his faith and acceptance of Him as the Creator and the Source of all that is good.

Blue Dolphin Publishing, 2000

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