Hawai'ian AUMAKUA Cards

M. Lucy Wade Stern

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ISBN: 0-931892-39-2, 36 illustrated cards, 148-page hardcover book, $29.95

The Aumakua Cards follow rivers of rainbow colors, giving a simple method for doing personal readings. They bridge the ancient Hawai'ian Huna mysteries with modern ways, and offer healing awareness for ourselves and our planet.

When all 36 cards are laid out for a "reading," the lay-out becomes a "photograph" of present-moment energy. It is easy to follow the streams of vivid colors to see your relationship to your beloved and your relationship to your Aumakua, who represents your higher self.

Red colors surrounding the Aumakua will indicate it is time for action. Blue is for holding steady, and Green is appreciating support from nature. Yellow warns of incoming obstacles, while the Purple group carries a healing vibration. And finally, when the Rainbows surround, all one wishes for is coming true, and soon.


"By using the Aumakua Cards, a person can connect to the healing ancestral spirits. These cards are authentic, true, and unflawed, with a high spiritual vibration. They first warm the aura and then gradually work into the cells of the body, helping connect a person to the elements of Mother Nature and the Creator." Cosme Castanieto, Hawaiian spiritual healer

"Working with the Aumakua Cards is an excellent method to get in touch with the superconscious mind. They help distinguish between the subconscious and the inner voice." Swami "Ty," shaman and spiritual teacher

Table of Contents

The Six Color Groups
Rainbow Group
Red Group
Blue Group
Green Group
Yellow Group
Purple Group
About the Author


The ancient Hawaiian healers, KAHUNA, used a balancing system to connect each individual to the larger community. Everything was heart-centered, and disturbances were noticed and dealt with swiftly. By following the guidance of one's personal AUMAKUA, we can find what it takes to recenter the heart; all else will fall into place. Healing the heart energy center builds confidence within the individual and, from there, spreads all through the greater community.

Becoming more sensitive to energy helps to center the self when we are bombarded by busy schedules and the anxieties of daily life. We can annex the peaceful, balmy breezes and sweet scents of Hawaiian paradise when we use our imagination. Open up to your senses of taste, touch, sight, sound, and smell; open up to your feelings, and relax your thinking for a while. The full ALOHA spirit is always available within the AUMAKUA, as are the more subtle, ancient truth-teachings.

Sometimes, by being slightly out of our regular thinking states, we can daydream, fantasize, and float in awareness. Subtle insights sneak up on us as sudden "ah-has," and this is how we get in touch with our heart energy. Learning to trust our intuition is a challenge for many. Perhaps it is time to touch in with the earth currents again, and to rediscover how simple it can be to re-attune ourselves to the flow of our inner rivers of Rainbow lights, which reveal who we really are.

Trust yourself. Trust the Ancient KAHUNAs who did not want this information to become lost, and who have used me as a vehicle to bridge the ocean with this colorful tool. I discover more each day as I play with these cards, as new details in the background suddenly mean more than they did the day before.

Blue Dolphin Publishing, 1996

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