M. Lucy Wade Stern

Author of: The Hawaiian Aumakua Cards

Lucy's mother gave her her first deck of cards at the age of four, and she was "doing readings" by the time she was ten. Her dad, Bill Wade, "seventh son of a seventh son," was an inventor, magician, philosopher, and storyteller, who taught her palmistry.

In the '60s, she lived in California and drank tea with Joseph Campbell, knew Will and Kate Durant (who wrote the Encyclopedia of Western Civilization), and the great dancer, Ruth St. Denis.

Returning to Boston, she spent eight years learning Freudian, Jungian, and pastoral counseling, and a year becoming an ordained minister at Boston University School of Theology. In 1989, she received a Master's Degree in education with a specialty in counseling and guidance from California Polytechnic Institute, San Luis Obispo.

Lucy has a daughter, Crystal, and now lives in Ashland, Oregon, where she continues to read cards and palms.

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