The Boss Should Be a Woman

How Women Can Manage Their Way to the Top and Compromise Nothing

Jack McAllen

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ISBN: 0-931892-56-2, 208 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, paper, $12.95

Encouragement and practical tips on quality workmanship, goal setting, organization, and leadership skills are offered by Jack McAllen, as he urges women to challenge the glass ceiling and any other limits they encounter in the workplace or in themselves. This is an inspiring guide to help women reach for their career potentials with determined enthusiasm.


"In his 44 years of experience in retail management, Jack McAllen has supervised, mentored, trained, hired, and disciplined thousands of women. He writes, 'I openly attack men who purposely hold back a bright, well-educated, aggressive woman simply because she's a woman.' He then offers numerous suggestions on how to handle injustice in the workplace." Mary Segretario, The Business Journal

"I wish I had this book before I started my career. It would have been a lot easier." Eileen Morelli, Asst. Professor, Allegheny Community College

Table of Contents

1. We Need You Now - The Time Is Ripe
2. Things Have Changed, But...
3. The Wage Gap Scandal
4. A Strong Woman Can Overpower a Strong Man
5. Love, Marriage and a Career
6. Beauty Can Be the Beast
7. How the "Good Ol' Boy System" Works
8. The Learn-to-Know-What-Good-Is Theory
9. Self-Confidence: If It Is to Be - It Is Up to Me
10. Managing Your Way to Self-Confidence
11. Empowerment = Positive Thinking
12. Enthusiasm - It Makes People Strong
13. True Love Never Runs Smoothly - Neither Does Your Job
14. Men Have the Power - Women Have the Purpose
15. Politics in a Man's World
16. Take the Risk - You Have to Do What You Have to Do
17. The Professional List of Positive Points that Promise Help - The 4-P List
18. A List of Disciplined Directions Designed to Prevent Disaster - the 4-D List
19. What to Do When All Else Fails
20. A Magnificent Creation: A New Prototype



The focus of this book is to motivate and inspire women of all working ages to reach out for the jobs, careers and incomes that were previously off limits. It aims to guide and empower women with career tools that help destroy the outrageous and pitiful treatment they have endured for years. By emphasizing self-confidence, risk-taking, perseverance and enthusiasm, it targets the contemporary workplace where management and supervision continue, in most instances, to disqualify women's accomplishments and progress simply because of gender. This book offers guidance and solutions to overcome structured roadblocks, and it instructs how to deal with persons who continue to practice the repression of women.

Much time, extensive research and the vast experiences of the author have gone into the writing of this book, and it has become an outstanding self-training tool for women to study and follow. It wasn't written on a whim or a dare but because of the need to help elevate women to equal positions in the workplace and eliminate that subjective title of "minority" once and for all. The examples of mistreatment contained herein are drawn from the lives of real women - most of whom I know personally - and others who stand out as distinguished examples. Their names are protected by omission so they will not experience further hurt as a consequence of disclosing their hurtful and degrading experiences in an effort to help others. Fair treatment and fair play are what this effort seeks and what women crave. Just give women a equal chance - then get out of their way!

We really need women today. We need them in roles that enable them to use their instincts, intellects, thoughts and ideas in government, business or any leadership position. They can offer a splendidly different approach - one of quality. Society can no longer refuse them admittance to the boardrooms of companies, to high level positions in government including the presidency, and to other critical areas, such a leading roles in criminal justice, university professorships, presidencies or any high- or medium-level position.

Society needs women's input. We need you and we need you now - is my appeal. It is time for you to prepare and train for such leadership positions and seek to improve your status in your personal career, in this country and throughout the world. This book is designed to help you do this - your way, not his - and without compromise.

I urge you - NO! I plead with you to accept all new challenges and prove your worth. Prove how capable you really are. Help lead the country, its businesses and its spirit to new heights, and you will indeed help all womanhood gain her rightful position as men's equal.

Let this book serve as your inspiration and motivation toward these goals. As the author of The Boss Should Be a Woman, I know you will succeed.

Blue Dolphin Publishing, 1993

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