Jack McAllen

Author of: The Boss Should Be a Woman

Jack McAllen attended Youngstown State University and, after four years in the U.S. Air Force and a tour of duty in Korea, married Nancy Knott. They have four children and seven grandchildren.

He began his retailing career in high school as a sales clerk and later became a buyer. As wholesale discounting grew, Jack joined a small department store chain where he evolved as general manager, then district manager.

During his career he could never accept two inequalities that women were forced to endure: 1) when most employees were women, why were so few women executives? and 2) the horrendous, degrading treatment women endured just to have a job. These and other insights led him to write The Boss Should Be a Woman.

Jack loves to travel but resides in Warren, Ohio, is a sports enthusiast and a professional jazz drummer. A born motivator and teacher, he enjoys lecturing on women's issues and other business subjects.

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