Dare to Be Different!

Dayle Schear

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ISBN: 978-0-931892-91-2, 304 pages, 6x9, paper, $18.00

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This autobiography of a born psychic will take you from her birthplace in New Jersey, through the poverty and abandonment of her unstable childhood, to the lovers, marriage, and painful divorce. Then she begins a spiritual quest which leads her to the Islands of Hawaii and the events which helped her mature her psychic abilities.

Read about Dayle's extraordinary gift of psychometry (the art of holding on to objects to see into the past, present, and future) and her incredible talent to find missing people, predict plane crashes, and provide intimate personal readings.

Table of Contents

1. Harrah's
2. My Destiny
3. The Marrying Years
4. Friday the 13th
5. The Entertainer
6. The Tides of Change
7. Back to Memory Lane
8. All in the Family
9. The Year Was 1974
10. It's All in the Cards: The Art of Dealing Twenty-one
11. Big Red! The All-American Indian
12. Bombed Out
13. People I've Met Along the Way
14. The Good Old Radio Days
15. Friends That Made a Difference
16. More About Bob, Gene, Phil, Toni and Diane
17. The Hawaiian Islands
18. Back to Reality
19. Back to the Islands
20. Yo! Gene, Where Are You?
21. Peter Hurkos, World Famous Psychic
22. My Crazy, Wild Friends; Life with Radio
23. The Pain of Saying Goodbye
24. The Entertainment World; Meeting Blythe
25. Changes Somehow Frighten Me
26. Television Fame at Last!
27. Marriage, Marriage Everywhere
28. Times Were Changing
29. Marion and Stanley, This Is for You
30. Lake Tahoe, a Writer's Dream


Harrah's Lake Tahoe

As I look out my window, watching the snow fall ever so gently, time seems to stand still. While I sit here writing my book, I ponder the thought.... How can so many tiny changes alter a person's life so dramatically?

I started flashing back, back in time to try to find some meaning to my life. Where did it all begin? Was it all worth it?

I flashed back to September, the year 1984. Although it seemed like any other day, this day was different. I began driving slowly as I entered the town of Lake Tahoe. The bright NEON lights of the casinos kept Flashing at me.

Within a mere moment my whole life would change. I was approaching ... MY FANTASY. There it was, bigger than life! "PSYCHIC DAYLE SCHEAR." As I stared at the billboard high above Harrah's Hotel and Casino, the emotional feelings I had seeing my name up in lights for the first time were overwhelming. Although Tom Jones was the headliner, all I could see was my name blaring at me. THIS WAS MY DEBUT.

I knew then that fantasies could become a reality. I felt like I was watching one of my favorite old-time movies, "It Should Only Happen to You," starring Jack Lemmon and Judy Holliday. In the movie, Judy Holliday rented several billboards and placed her name on each billboard until she became famous. However, this wasn't a movie, this was real. Within hours I would be on the same stage where some of the greatest performers in history have performed.

I caught myself daydreaming. My thoughts began to fade; reality kicked in. I put the car in drive and went racing home. Fear came rushing over me. The shock of my name in lights was one thing, but performing was another.


The whole day was a blur. Costumes were thrown at me. Make-up artists were practicing their new techniques. I was trying to remain composed throughout this whole ordeal. The clock was racing. This was my test. If I were to make it, I would receive a signed contract. If I BOMBED, it would have been just an audition.

As I approached the hallway of Harrah's, there were two men who showed me to my dressing room. I peeked in rather shyly. The dressing room was enormous. I was overwhelmed.

There sat my co-host, Ken Hunter. "Come in, Dayle," he said. Ken and I go a long way back to my radio days. We aired a local radio show together on KOWL radio in Lake Tahoe for years.

It was approximately two hours before showtime; my nerves were at level nine. The tension was building. However, Ken remained calm.


I was about to face that long walk down the stairs, through the kitchen, through the hallway, toward the stage. It felt like a DEATH walk to me.

The people were standing in line; soon the room would be filled to capacity. It seemed as though very local in town must have been there. The curtains were dropped. The lights were low.

Behind the curtain I sat. My feelings were mixed, my emotions were running amok. I wanted to run and hide. Yet this was my audition.

How did I get here anyway? The music started, "Eye in the Sky" by the Alan Parson's Project. The chatter started to die. The music faded as the audience quieted. I glanced at Ken. There was a calmness about him. Suddenly, Ken turned to me with panic in his voice. "Well, Schear, this is another fine mess you have gotten us into," he said. "It's now or never, Lady. Let's give them one hell of a show."

The curtain rose slowly...


Blue Dolphin Publishing, 1994

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