The Psychic Within

True Psychic Stories

Dayle Schear, Psychic

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ISBN: 0-931892-90-2, 270 pages, 6x9, paper, $14.95

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Murder! Intrigue, Psychic detective work. Reuniting missing children with their families. These stories are factual; each story is unique.

You will learn about a woman named Marlies who believed from childhood that her mother was dead--only to be reunited after forty years!

Then there was the crash of Galaxy Airlines' Flight 203, a most amazing prediction that Dayle visualized thirteen months before it occurred. All passengers on that plane met their fatal destinies, except one passenger who lived to tell about it.

These Chilling stories will boggle your  mind and help you understand that each one of us has a Psychic within and that nothing happens by chance.

Table of Contents

Special Thanks to My Readers

1. A Meeting with Destiny
2. Give a Psychic a Chance
3. Aloha Airlines, the Quest of Flight 243
4. Galaxy Airlines Flight 203
5. Come Fly With Me
6. Achille Lauro
7. The Art of Saving Lives
8. It Should Only Happen to You
9. Experiencing the Unusual
10. A Child is Missing
11. Lizzie Borden
12. The Case of Diane Suzuki
13. Hard Copy Australia
14. Jury Convicts Tandal
15. Peter Hurkos
16. Listen! to the Universe
17. Every Psychic Needs a Psychic
18. Psychic Surgery
19. Imelda Marcos
20. A Bizarre Request
21. Living with a Psychic
22. The Psychic Within Me


While I was growing up back east in Newark, New Jersey, a young lady named Marlies von Laufer was growing up in another part of the world called Staubing, Bavaria, which is about sixty miles from Munich, Germany. Little did we know that in the year 1991 our paths would cross and our lives would change forever.

This is her story and, eventually, mine. When Marlies was two, her father told her that hre mother had died of a rare lung disease. Many years passed before Marlies accepted the passing of her mother.

Then one day her father blurted out in anger, "Marlies, you act just like your mother. Everything you do, everything you say, annoys me and reminds me of her."

Marlies was confused. "Dad what is it ... why do you think I act like my mother?" she screamed.

"Because you are as stubborn as your mother!" he yelled.

That's when Marlies began to question her father. "Dad, tell me about my mother. What was she like? Why am I so much like her?"

Annoyed by the relentless questioning, her father shook Marlies and shouted, "Your mother is dead! Never mention her name in this house again!"

Marlies was extremely perceptive; she read between the lines. Her father's tone of voice made her aware that there was something more.

Then the visionary dreams began. And in those visions, her mother would motion to her and say, "Marlies, come back to me. My child, please come back to me." There was no end to these repetitive dreams, which haunted her for years to come....

Marlies never gave up hope. She knew that someday she would find her mother. Little did she know that day was just about to happen.

A meeting with destiny was at hand. It was June, 1991. Marlies and I both now resided in the Hawaiian Islands. Fate was just about to throw the two of us together.

I recall it was a hot summer day in Honolulu when Marlies arrived at my door. A set of unusual circumstances was about to occur.

First, Marlies' friend had booked an appointment with me and was unable to keep her appointment.

Second, by chance, Marlies decided to take her friend's appointment.

Third, destiny had thrown the two of us together.

I politely introduced myself to Marlies and asked her to sit down and relax. I asked if I could hold a piece of jewelry that she was wearing. She handed me her ring, then her watch. I held them tightly in my hands, waiting for the visions to come. Within moments, my words were flowing out to Marlies.

I started off by describing where Marlies lived as a child in Germany. I described in detail all about her childhood. Marlies interrupted me with a question.

"Dayle, I want to know how my mother died."

I paused for a moment to gather my thoughts. I stared into space while holding her jewelry. The visions I saw in my mind's eye startled me.

I spoke rapidly. It seemed as though I were channeling information directly to her.

"Marlies, your mother is alive! She's in Germany. She's been waiting all these years for you to find her. I see her by water. She looks out of a window and gazes over the water and thinks of you. She waits patiently for you to call.

"You have two half-sisters. Your mother walks with a limp. She knows someday you'll find her...."

More than a month passed.

My phone rang. "Dayle, this is Marlies. Remember me? I'm the one who was searching for my mother."

Her voice quivered with excitement. "Dayle, I found her! I FOUND MY MOTHER! How can I thank you, Dayle?"

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