Did Big Brother Give You Permission to Go Wee Wee?

Thomas F. Metzger

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ISBN: 0-931892-98-8, 160 pages, 40 b/w illus., 5.5 x 8.5, paper, $12.95

Question everything!

This book is about thinking for yourself and not letting government think for you. Are you aware of how government has infiltrated every aspect of our lives? The author presents many ideas you may not want to face, but he will definitely make you think! If you haven't read Big Brother, you're missing out. It is important reading, written in easy, understandable language with enough light-hearted humor to soften the reality of the Truth.


"It's funny, it's serious, and it's right on target." The Ridge Riposte

"This book is a must-read for anyone who cares about the direction our government is headed." Tom Daly, newspaper publisher

"Big Brother should be a reference book on the desks of all talk-show hosts. Very well written, easy to read and understand, full of thought provoking information." John Quantance, WXEQ, Bristol, TN

"Thomas Metzger cuts right to the chase with biting humor and makes readers sit up and take notice. Whether you agree or not, this book lays some hard facts right on the table." Mona T. Hallinan, Library Research Associates

Table of Contents

1. Thinkers, Writers, Readers, Listeners
2. Did Big Brother Give You Permission to Go Wee Wee? If the Shoe Fits, Wear It
3. Here's the Challenge
4.We Are No Longer Allowed to Fail
5. Raised on a Farm/Freedom
6. Founding Fathers Rolling in their Graves
7. Newspapering and Government
8. How Do You Fight Government?
9. Good Old John
10. Rule Book, 2050
11. Thousands of Laws
12. The Law, 1850
13. Laissez Faire = Hands Off
14. C.P.S. Nightmare
15. The Socialist Godfather
16. License for What
17. In the Beginning
18. Pigs, Guns, and Spotted Owls
19. What Would Happen If...
20. Good Greed, Bad Greed
21. Free Market Profit Sector
22. Privatizing
23. Good Self-Interest
24. Political BS
25. Eighty Grand Blown
26. Doing What's Best for You
27. Why a Jury?
28. Why So Complicated?
29. Bad, Bad Animal Control
30. Conservative/Liberal
31. Double-Speak
32. Media Bias
33. Deficit Spending Made Simple
34. Speech in Georgia
35. Republics and Democracies
36. Off-the-Wall Great Idea
37. It Takes All Kinds


Thinkers, Writers, Readers, Listeners:

Thank you for picking up this book to read. People who read are the people who pass information to the nonreaders. Nonreaders constitute about ninety percent of the population. A nonreader, by my definition, is a person who doesn't read much more than the TV guide, a newspaper, and an occasional magazine. The nonreader learns from the testimony of readers or by osmosis, as my friend, Fritz, would say. The readers learn from the reason and logic of writers, who in turn learn from the original thinkers by reading their published thoughts. So, it is up to you as a reader to pass on what you learn, through verbal intercourse with your fellow humans - that is, if you want freedom to prevail again. You noticed I said, if you want freedom to prevail again. If you think we have freedom, then for sure you should finish reading this book. We the people are like the story about the frog and the boiling water. If you place a frog in cold water and heat it to the boiling point, he will accept the gradual change, be overcome by the heat, and expire. But if you drop a frog into boiling water, he will jump out. We the people, by accepting and allowing the demise of a way of life that was bought and paid for by the sweat, blood, and lives of millions of freedom-loving Americans, have lost our freedoms so gradually that we have been seduced into believing that this process will not harm us. The people of this great country are weenies, and we pale in comparison to the great patriots of the past who sacrificed their lives, the lives of their loved ones, and their property for your freedom. What have you done lately?


Life, Liberty, Private Property Rights, the Pursuit of Happiness, and Liberation from an oppressive king were the objects of the Constitution of the United States of America, as set forth by our Founding Fathers over 200 years ago. Today, our cry should be for liberation from an oppressive, over-regulating and controlling government, in the interest of Life, Liberty, Private Property Rights, and the Pursuit of Happiness for our posterity. Folks, there is no difference between today and 200 years ago ... only the names and faces have changed. Do you own your property? Who takes your property if you don't pay the yearly tax rent? If you don't believe me, you are living a very sheltered life and need a little fiber for your clogged mind. Remember, there are people who don't know, and there are people who don't know they don't know. Don't be either one of the above. Read, learn, and question everything that someone in government tells you to do. Demand answers. Blind Obedience and! Fear of the Master is the Author and Agent of Despotism. History demonstrates that if the size and power of government is not reduced willingly, it will be reduced forcibly. Doesn't present much of an alternative, does it? Be thankful that the people are slowly beginning to realize they can no longer afford government in such abundance.

Did Big Brother give you permission to go wee wee?

Blue Dolphin Publishing, 1995

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