Thomas F. Metzger

Books by Thomas F. Metzger:
Did Big Brother Give You Permission to Go Wee-Wee?
Becoming a Political Pain in the Ass

Thomas F. Metzger published a community newspaper for fifteen years, fought battle after battle, and was very effective. If you don't believe this, ask some of his opponents. They will tell you, as much as they didn't like being on the attack end of his pen, they agree that every community needs someone like him, like it or not.

"Improve America by improving your community."

Thirty years ago, Thomas was writing articles encouraging people to be responsible citizens. At sixty years of age, he is continuing his effort and probably will never quit. "Government is not the solution to our problems; we, the people, are the solution," he says. "This country is going to change, and the way it is going to change is from the bottom up." The main thrust of what Thomas preaches is for people to be responsible and stop being distracted by state, federal and world affairs and pay attention to what is happening in their own communities where they can be effective.