Enjoying the Journey

The Adventures, Travels, and Teachings of Peace Pilgrim II

Peace Pilgrim II

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ISBN: 978-0-931892-94-3, 212 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, paper, $14.95

"Love and caring is the answer."

Peace Pilgrim follows in the footsteps of the original Peace Pilgrim, a woman who, for twenty-eight years, walked across the United States advocating world peace. Like his predecessor, Peace II has given up all his possessions, including his name, and has vowed to travel the country until world peace is a reality.

Peace has spoken to thousands of people--in schools, over the radio, and wherever he goes from coast to coast--encouraging the expression of peaceful principles within our lives. Enjoying the Journey brings us his message of how to live peacefully and also recounts his experiences while travelling throughout the United States.

"If we learn how to love unconditionally, we will not only have peace in the world, but an inner peace as well."

Table of Contents

In the Beginning

Section I: Enjoying the Journey
1. Becoming Peace Pilgrim
2. Walking for Peace
3. "People Are Wonderful"
4. Challenges and Opportunities
5. Joining the Global Walkers for a Livable World
6. Return to Oregon
7. Continuing the Journey

Section II: Towards Understanding
8. Understanding
9. Constructive Action
10. Attitudes
11. Love
12. To Everything a Season
13. Social Change

Section III: On Religion and Beliefs
14. The Spiritual Nature
15. Beliefs and Insights

Appendix A: Attractive Traits to Seek
Appendix B: All Problems Stem From Fear
Appendix C: For Meetings and Conferences
Appendix D: One Liners!
Appendix E: Dated Materials


The original Peace Pilgrim, a woman, gave up all of her belongings and, without a penny, left Pasadena, California on January 1, 1953 to embark upon a walk of peace that lasted for twenty-eight years. In the first eleven years, she had walked 25,000 miles. Ironically, in 1981, while being driven to deliver a lecture, she was involved in a car accident and was killed....

On October 2, 1989, Peace Pilgrim II began in his unique way to follow her incredibly large footsteps to perpetuate peace. He gave up all of his possessions and also travelled without a penny, neither did he accept money from anyone. He relied upon people for food and shelter, otherwise he fasted or slept out. In his first year, he walked 2,000 miles and spoke at universities and churches, with religious leaders, mayors, city councils, and various groups including thousands of children at all levels of schooling. He was given extensive coverage in TV talk-shows, news, newspapers, magazine articles, and radio programs. He believes that peace has to begin with the individual, that we need to develop responsibility for our own actions, and that helpful, important tools to acquire are understanding, unconditional love, and abundant self-esteem, balanced by humility and the honesty to realize that although our spiritual beingness is perfect, our outer behavior or personality may require some improvement. He believes that if we sincerely want peace, we can obtain it, providing we're prepared to make the necessary changes to actually become peaceful, and not merely to talk about it.

All peace begins with each of us practicing simple truths, such as the Golden Rule of "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." The way that we interact each day, especially with our families, leads either towards peace or hostility. We might start by asking ourselves on a daily basis, "Which am I personally contributing to, peace or conflict?" The way we behave affects others, and it benefits everyone as we develop positive attitudes. Learning to dissolve hatred with love may not seem easy, but it works. Most of us have learned from experience that meeting anger with anger only perpetuates the problem, magnifying it into a power struggle that nobody wins.

Blue Dolphin Publishing, 1995

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