Peace Pilgrim II

Author of: Enjoying the Journey

Born in London, Peace Pilgrim II spent a large part of his life as a jeweler and family man in the U.S. As his responsibilities lightened and his life became complacent, he began to heed an inner calling to give up his comfortable life and begin a new journey.

In 1989, Peace Pilgrim II began his walk for peace, accepting only donations of food and shelter. In the first year, he walked 2,000 miles, stopping to speak at universities and churches, with religious leaders, mayors, city councils, and various groups including thousands of school children.

Since it became necessary to have both of his hips replaced, he now relies on a car for most of his travelling. But more important than his mode of transportation is his message, "If we sincerely want peace, we can obtain it, providing we're prepared to make the necessary changes to actually become peaceful, and not merely to talk about it."

Look for Peace in your neighborhood. If you would like Peace Pilgrim II to speak to your group or want to use his book as a fundraiser for your organization, please call Blue Dolphin or e-mail us.

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