Fountain of Joy & Youth

Teachings of the World's Great Masters on Body, Mind & Soul

Aurelio Arreaza  

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ISBN: 0-931892-50-3, 192 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, paper, $13.00

A book on how to make each day an ever-creative, exciting, and joyful experience.

We all have a powerful energy-soul within, Source of creativity, freedom, love, and well-being. To take appropriate care of our body and mind, we must connect with our energy-soul and evolve towards ever higher levels of spiritual and material well-being, while keeping ourselves forever young.

Table of Contents


1 Krishna
2 Moses
3 Buddha
4 Jesus
5 Mohammed

1 Proper Breathing
2 Proper Nutrition
3 Poisons to Avoid
4 About Meals
5 Proper Exercise
6 Proper Sleep

1 Proper Breathing
2 Proper Nutrition and Exercise
3 Proper Sleep
4 Be Consciously Active
5 Daily Positive Information
6 Improve Language Habits
7 Learn by Heart a Positive Sentence
8 Self-Therapy-Prayer-Talk
9 Meditation
10 Beyond the Ego
11 Poetry
12 Music

1 Devotion - Prayer (Bhakti Yoga)
2 Reading - Studying (Jnana Yoga)
3 Chanting (Japa Yoga)
4 Body Postures (Hatha Yoga)
5 Meditation (Raja Yoga)
6 Service (Karma Yoga)
7 Proper Sleep
8 Contact with Nature
9 Proper Sexual Behavior
10. Daily Practice

1 About "The Highest Knowledge"
2 One God, Many Religions
3 All Religions are Sustained by Us
4 Main Differences among the Great Religions
5 Religion, Politics, and Social Well-Being
6 Basic Measures to Improve Living Conditions in the World
7 Relationships with Other People and Material Things



"Human beings are, perhaps, the most marvelous creatures in the universe - where everything is absolutely related and where a Supreme Intelligence coordinates and maintains all of creation in constant harmonious evolution.

"This coordination and evolution happens through a direct and permanent contact which all living things have with that Supreme Intelligence. This contact is made possible through what can be called 'the all pervading energy' - a divine, strong, and subtle energy that is everywhere, within all beings and things, coordinating life and evolution.

"Most living creatures are contented and at peace, existing and evolving in a natural, harmonious way, just part of the universal evolution or flow. Through this 'all pervading energy,' they simply follow the guidance of God Supreme Universal Intelligence, thus realizing the highest purpose of life.

"Yet human beings, in order to come closer to God's will through a higher dimension, have been given a marvelous capacity for awareness and intelligence, which permits them to analyze and alter their environment, but which can also turn against them. Hence, this capacity has, too often, made them commit the error of going astray from God's guidance and ignoring the will of their Creator, thus being negative to themselves and creating disharmony and negativity around them.

"Each one of us has a different level of consciousness. Depending upon this level, we create different degrees of harmony or disharmony in our environment.

"This level of consciousness is sort of an inner, natural knowledge that dictates the way we relate to everyday life and the world around us. The higher our level of consciousness, the closer we are to the will of our Creator, and the more we experience awareness, creativity, happiness, and well-being.

"Yet we can use our awareness and intelligence to help raise our level of consciousness, to rediscover our direct contact with the Creator. This contact was never broken, only ignored or lost in confusion.

"God Supreme Universal Intelligence, loving and wise, gives us the chance to raise our level of consciousness so that we can improve the quality of our lives. For this purpose we are offered ways to get in closer contact with our soul or 'energy within.' The gradual increase of this contact causes a gradual increase in our level of consciousness, a constant overall improvement of our lives, and a real understanding of the world around us.

"Moreover, this is the only way to achieve individual happiness and well-being and to reach the highest purpose of life: to be our real selves and to live according to our own natural inner guidance, God's guidance. This is also the only way to prevent us from bringing further destruction, misery, and chaos to earth.

"Human beings are composed of body, mind, and soul - three different things closely interrelated and, in certain ways, dependent upon each other. In order to reach higher levels of consciousness and harmony, we should have a clear understanding of our bodies and minds, and work to improve each one of them so that, more and more, they function according to our souls, positively reinforcing one another. This is the only way to constantly reach higher levels of consciousness and gradually improve our life in every sense.

"Therefore, the following pages will present, in a clear and simple way, what our bodies, minds, and souls are and how to take proper care of them.

"We will become more open to this knowledge if it is supported by quotations after every chapter from some of the most enlightened men that have ever lived. These men, with whom many of us are familiar, were also teaching the understanding and care of the body, the mind, and contact with the soul because they knew this was the only way to reach real freedom, happiness, and well-being.

"Thus, to start with, it would be good to offer a brief history about the lives and teachings of these men who, by so closely following the guidance of their souls, became such high and brilliant instruments of God."

Blue Dolphin Publishing, 1996

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