Inspired by Angels

Letters from the Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, & Uriel

Sinda Jordan

"Magical things begin to happen when you develop an awareness of angels and invite their participation in your life."

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ISBN: 978-1-57733-044-8, 166 pages, paper, 5 x 8, $15.00

Sinda Jordan began receiving messages from the Archangels in 1993. Over the course of a year, the angels dictated many inspiring lessons, which Sinda compiled into "letters" for everyone to read. Each angel provides loving guidance for specific problems in everyday life and can be called upon for help: Michael, the protector of humanity, for strength; Raphael, the physician of the angelic realm, for healing; Gabriel, for dissolving fear and guiding us through change; Uriel, for emotional and mental clarity.

"During eye surgeries and temporary loss of sight, my husband read the Archangel letters to me. They were great comfort to me during a time of extreme pain, fear, and darkness. I feel this book should be at everyone's bedside for inspiration during good times, and comfort and hope during times of illness or difficulty." -Nancy Clemens, publisher

Table of Contents

Michael: Be Aware of Your Thoughts
Michael: The Search Is Within
Raphael: Develop a Joyous Attitude
Gabriel: Dissolve Fear with Love
Uriel: Profound Decision-Making
Michael: Recognize the Divine in Others
Michael: Embrace the Present Moment
Raphael: Heal While You Sleep
Michael: Be an Example of Self-Love
Raphael: Make Friends with Your Pain
Uriel: Knowledge Comes from the Heart
Uriel: Receive Divine Guidance
Michael: Develop a Loving Attitude
Raphael: Create Unity Within
Uriel: Increase Your Powers of Observation
Gabriel: Release the Need to Worry
Uriel: Meditation Brings Clarity
Michael: Discern Truth Through Your Body
Uriel: Search for Truth Within
Gabriel: Truth Dissolves Fear
Michael: Access Your Guides
Michael: Be Aware of Your Motives
Uriel: Nurture Your Inner Truth
Gabriel: Never Fear the Truth
Uriel: Truth Is Different for Each Individual
Michael: Be an Example of Truth
Michael: Honor All Expressions of Truth
Uriel: Responsibility Is the Ability to Respond
Raphael: Create Balance from Within
Michael: Release the Illusions of Separation
Raphael: Open the Flow of Energy
Michael: Create Sacred Space Around You
Michael: The Power of Forgiveness
Uriel: Release the Need for Limitations
Gabriel: You Are Forgiven As You Forgive
Michael: Death Is Not an Ending
Michael: Develop Your Positive Thoughts and Feelings
Raphael: Heal Your Body with Love
Michael: Trust Your Feelings
Michael: Love Yourself Unconditionally
Gabriel: Face Your Fears
Michael: Spiritual Growth Is Never Forced
Uriel: Trust Your Inner Voice
Uriel: Break Through the Illusions
Michael: Nurture Yourself with Acceptance
Michael: Let Your Light Shine
Raphael: Experience the Power of Silence
Gabriel: Allow Change into Your Life
Uriel: Be Present Now
Michael: Nurture the Divine Essence Within
Michael: Open Your Heart
Uriel: Free Your Mind to Discern
Raphael: Create Your Spiritual Temple
Uriel: Increase Your Light Vision
Gabriel: Allow Yourself to Be Vulnerable
Raphael: Joy Is a Powerful Force
Michael: Love Is an Energy
Gabriel: Nurture and Care for Your Body
Michael: All Cycles Are Relevant to Growth
Michael: Appreciate Your Inner Beauty
Uriel: There Are No Coincidences
Michael: Nurture Your Creative Talents
Raphael: Raise Your Body's Vibration
Raphael: Discover the Power of Co-Creation
Gabriel: See Yourself Clearly in the Reflection of Others
Michael: Listen with All Your Heart
Uriel: Cultivate the Art of Conscious Listening
Michael: Be of Service to Others
Uriel: Follow the Path Within Your Heart
Michael: Become a Co-Creator
Uriel: Wisdom Comes from Inner Knowing
Raphael: Feed Your Body Peace of Mind
Michael: Allow Yourself to Love and Be Loved
Michael: Give Yourself the Gift of Patience
Michael: Allow the Heart Its Gentle Voice
Uriel: Unlock Your Mind
Raphael: Life Creates Worthiness
Gabriel: Exposing Fear to the Light
Gabriel: Happiness Comes from Within
Michael: The Journey Is More Important Than the Goal
Uriel: Move Forward with a Confident Heart
Gabriel: Embrace Your Shadow
Michael: Experience Others with Empathy


Be Aware of Your Thoughts


God is not a punishing God. You need only to receive divine love through your heart to feel the full power of God's love. It is your thoughts of fear, anger, and hatred that keep you from feeling God's love in your heart and lifting you to your true state of awareness. You attract to you that which you send forth in thought.

We, who watch over you and bring loving guidance, must transcend great layers of denseness created by your thoughts. When you discipline your thoughts, the denseness around you is lighter.

Be aware of the creative power of your thoughts. Use this power to repair and rebuild yourself in God's light.

Become an example of peace and harmony in your own life. Start by looking in the mirror and healing what is reflected back to you. Then, and only then, can you serve as an example of God's love working through you.

Can you truly say your house is in order? When the thoughts are disciplined, right action follows. The way to achieve disciplined thought is through meditation. The stilling of the mind allows the mind and the heart to connect as one.

Blue Dolphin Publishing, 1995

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