Sinda Jordan

Author of: Inspired by Angels

Sinda Jordan lives in Colorado with her two daughters. As an intuitive counselor, she helps others develop a personal relationship with the angelic beings that watch over us, guide us, and unconditionally love us. She currently teaches workshops based on the book, Inspired by Angels. The workshops utilize guided meditations that open the heart to the Angelic Presence. These guided meditations are currently available on tape.

She also offers private readings in person or by telephone. Sinda accesses the angelic presence, then connects to your heart with compassion and caring. She gives voice to your heart's desires and hidden gifts and talents with clarity and understanding. She says, "Readings are very individualistic according to how the person I'm reading for can best understand the information. Sometimes I lead them through meditations, and they receive a lot of visual imagery, sometimes I describe to them information that I get and sometimes they describe it to me!"

Sinda feels extremely grateful for all of the wondrous gifts that the angels have brought into her life and is always very happy to share this gift with others. "The Angels act as tutors; they bless us with heartfelt understanding so that we may grow through our lessons. They encourage us to use our creative gifts and talents to find the way through the challenges set before us."

For further information on workshops or to make an appointment, please contact Sinda at (303) 986-8079. Don't miss Sinda's home page.

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