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Letter from the Publisher / Excerpts: Mary's Message of Hope, Vol. 1
Author Highlight: Corbin Harney

Letter from the Publisher

Dear Bookstore Owners & Staff,

Greetings to all of you. When we began publishing, we wanted to produce books that would help people delve more deeply into themselves and what life is all about, primarily by exploring various psychological and spiritual traditions.

We don't just publish books; we publish authors. Each author represents for us a new friend, a special and exciting person who has taught us valuable lessons and who may open new doorways for you.

We have a very active group of authors who are eager to share their books with you. You've been seeing our authors on book tours, in national ads (The New York Times, Psychology Today, Body, Mind & Spirit, etc.) and on radio and TV (National Public Radio, Hard Copy, Sightings, Larry King, The Other Side, etc.).

Further, we feel many of our authors have important messages. Corbin Harney (The Way It Is), for example, has been working internationally to stop nuclear testing and its effects. Dr. Thomas Collins (Comprehensive Health Care for Everyone) has presented a revolutionary approach to modern health care that will benefit everyone.

These are serious authors with important and compelling messages, and we feel everyone should be aware of what they are saying and contributing to our well-being. As many of the letters to our authors reveal, Blue Dolphin books and tapes really do inspire and help.

We are planning many exciting New Releases which complement and expand some of our earlier titles. We appreciate your support and hope this Newsletter will help us stay in touch.

Wishing you Peace, Health, and Happiness,
Nancy and Paul Clemens

Excerpts from
Mary's Message of Hope, Vol. 1

Live with a Daily Purpose

My Dear Children, I've come to bring you a message of joy, the joy that comes from living up to the best within you. Many of you have been living up to your best with prayers, intention, and purpose. This is how to live, my children: always live up to your best. Live with a purpose each day. In the morn when you arise, make a statement of purpose for the day. It could be a word or an intention. You may say something like this, "Today my purpose in living is to love myself and others without becoming attached."

Many people feel that love gives them rights. Perhaps it is the right to have a say in another's life. This is not so. Love never gives anyone the right to dictate or impose your own will on anyone. God gives each person the freedom to choose at all times. God loves unconditionally. He does not impose His will on you in your individual life. He allows you to make mistakes, to find your way, and to solve your own problems, with or without His help if you so choose. This, then, is the way to love your loved ones.

There is so much joy in allowing other people the freedom to make their own mistakes, to chart their own course, to make their own choices. This is the love that grows eternally. It is the love that nurtures and caresses without words.

The greatest gift you can give your loved ones is to pray for them. Not to pray that they do what you want them to do, but that all is well within them, that they come to a realization of a peace in their heart, and they find the love that God has for them. This is the first thing you are to do for every person.

Pray for your enemies; send them love. Surround those people who hold any hostilities towards you, or your people, with love. Let love be the healing balm that brings Peace to the world. It must begin within you. Peace comes to those who know how to love unconditionally. People who love unconditionally don't have the urge to make demands, or to impose their viewpoints or opinions on others. They allow their loved ones and other people the freedom to be their best. Every person on earth's secret desire is to be the best they can be.

This means that you will not judge anyone as to the correctness of their life or any action they take. You will not declare that what they do or say is wrong. You will not try to undermine their work, or to speak badly about anyone else. It means that you speak truth. You say, this is how I see it, or this is what I felt, if there is a need to say anything. Most times the less said, the better off everyone would be. See, my children, love doesn't need words; it can be felt with a glance, a look, or a smile. Love is energy, and as energy it brings with it its own healing essence.

Unconditionally love yourself; stop browbeating or castigating your every action. Be loving towards yourself when you make a mistake. Free yourself to be your best self. Pray for yourself, and then it will be easy to love and pray for others.

You cannot love too much or pray too much. It is an impossibility to love unconditionally and have it be too much. Unconditional love is Divine Love, and there is never too much Divine Love.

Then, when you have learned to live with a daily purpose, let there be a daily action that will bring some good to the world. Your action for the day could be to smile more. Or it could be to slow down and enjoy the sunshine, or rain, or whatever the day brings. One day your action could be to bring a word of cheer to someone who doesn't expect it. Send those beautiful cards that are so in use today, to say, "I am thinking of you with love."

Perhaps your daily action is to take no action at all. If you were planning to "help" someone with your opinion or demand, your daily action may be to take no action at all in the matter. Many times what you think of as help is not received as help from the other person; then there is not a loving interaction taking place. Be sure that your actions are interactions of love. Let what you do be sent with unconditional love and for no other reason.

Be clear each morning why and how you are living this day. Bring purpose and loving action into your life. Let your love be pure. Let your life be truly a joyful life, one that will enhance not only your life and your loved one's life, but one that will enhance the world as a whole, as more and more people learn to love unconditionally with the highest of purposes and take loving action each day. This, then, is my message of joy. Thank you for listening to me this day.

Mary, Mother of Jesus.

Forgiveness and Unconditional Love

My Dear Children, it is with great joy and with great love that I encourage you to stay committed as you bring forgiveness and unconditional love to your family. When you make a decision or commitment to love unconditionally, you join many who are learning to be at peace. Unconditional love will spread peace from heart to heart. Only by living in unconditional love will humanity begin to change for the better. When humanity begins to shift and change its consciousness, then great benefits will be extended to everyone on earth.

Many people all over the world are praying for good, for a betterment to their situation and lives. The betterment may be for an end to war, or the end of a family squabble, or it could be for an improvement in their economic situation. More and more people are praying for good, and any prayer for good, improvement, or betterment helps. Many people are taking actions and doing what they can to bring peace to their family. They have committed themselves to heal their addictions, and in so doing, they help humanity to change for the better. Many people are turning to their religions with new hope and new fervor. Many people all over the world are seeking to change themselves for the better. Some are looking to better their economic situation, others are looking to better their educational life, and still others are seeking to better their life in general. Many people are growing and seeking to grow spiritually. Many more are in prayer for the healing of society and this world.

There is more awareness of how each of you affect others. More people are giving a thought to how they are living. In many places in the world there is now an awareness of how each person affects the planet and environment. No longer are people unaware of the plight of the planet. Everyone is aware of the many people who live on earth, who are sharing the air, water, and minerals. People are aware of each other, their affect on the planet, and their affect on the whole of humanity. Even the most uneducated understand that they can join with others and make great differences in their governments, their environment, and in their plight. Many are taking action and are praying.

It is this awareness, these decisions and understanding, that has benefited the whole of humanity. The many disasters I told you about in past messages have been delayed and minimized to such an extent that a grace period has been granted humanity. You will find that the next few years will be given to you in order that you may be ready and prepared in total. You will have an extension of up to ten years. During the ten-year grace period, there will still be many storms and the weather will continue to be erratic and unusual. People will lose their lives because of the weather and because of natural disaster. People will continue to comment on the weird and unusual weather. Scientists will give many explanations, but none will be able to tell you exactly what is happening with Mother Nature.

It is still my wish that all be prepared for any eventuality. It is my desire that you remain prepared for any emergency which could arise. When you remain prepared both spiritually and physically, you are ready to help others. You are ready to do your part to bring calmness and peace into chaotic situations. You are more than ready to be of service to mankind, and in so doing, you are ready to be of service to God.

The year 2012 will be a year of monumental change, which will affect all areas of your life. Between now and this year of change, many people will develop new perceptions and new understandings. Many people will seek to find the inner healing of a peaceful soul. During this time, I call upon you, my aware children, to increase your prayers so that this grace period will be extended to its fullest of fifteen years. Pray that the population of this world will be aware of the damages that war and violence have on the environment and on the inner environment of the soul. Pray that a greater number of people will open their eyes to the joys of living a spirit-filled life while on earth. Pray that people will open their ears and hear the call of Spirit for a soul healing. Pray that families will learn to live in peace and that all family violence will be eradicated from the face of the earth. Pray that children will become aware of their full potential. Pray for teachers and parents. Pray they will teach peace and unconditional love through the example of their personal lives and through the workings of the arts and sciences of mankind.

You have done so well, my children. It is a new challenge that I bring. It is the challenge of living your life so that people who are blind can see the beauty of the soul. It is the challenge of teaching others how to love, by loving yourself and all people unconditionally. It's the challenge of being the best you were created to be, not from the outside in, but from the inside out. You are to love and forgive yourself unconditionally, and love and forgive your loved ones in this manner. You will extend the love of appreciation and acceptance to every person who comes into your life.

Don't be so much concerned with the outer things in your life: what you eat, what you drink, what you wear, or how you look. Be more concerned with what is eating at your heart, what you're keeping hidden from yourself, what addictions or obsessions may be wearing away your spirit connection, and how you look in your heart of hearts. When you take care of the inside, your heart and mind, then and only then, the outer issues will take care of themselves. Pray to be loving at all times, not just the outer manifestations of a loving person, but the inner manifestations of a loving soul. People can put on the face of a loving person and hold the mask of sweetness in place for a time, but the truly loving heart will be seen in the midst of anger and in the midst of great tribulation. A spirit-filled person will be calm in the face of chaos and will be brave and courageous when in great fear. Be more vigilant now during this blessed period of grace. Let your inner guidance lead you in ways to heal the issues of the heart. Allow your spirit to guide you to live a life that is filled with the joy of unconditional love, the peace of a forgiving soul, and the beauty of a willing spirit. I am loving you and am proud of you, my faithful children.

Mary, Mother of Jesus.

Author Highlight

Corbin Harney

Blue Dolphin Publishing strongly supports the work of Corbin Harney in his efforts to stop the poisoning of the Earth.

Corbin Harney, Western Shoshone Medicine Man, author of The Way It Is: One Water, One Air, One Mother Earth, travels the Earth nomadically, just as his Shoshone ancestors roamed all over their land. Today, instead of hunting antelope or gathering pine nuts, his travels take him to speak out on behalf of Mother Earth. He spreads an urgent and powerful message to all of us, a message that transcends language differences and the borders of our maps.

As a Native American person he was raised to view all life as sacred. "Everything is alive and has a spirit to it ... the rocks, the mountains, streams, animals, plants, birds, oceans, and so forth."

He describes the dire situation that our environment has to deal with today, but he also offers solutions. With his gentle power, he tells us how damaged the Earth is today by toxins of all kinds: chemicals from mining and industry, and, worst of all, nuclear fallout from nuclear testing, storage, and transportation.

Corbin knows what he's talking about, too, because his research has not taken place in an institute or university, but in the field, with the people, the plants and the animals all over this Earth. As a medicine man, he's doctored the DownWinders who are suffering horrible deaths from nuclear fallout. He's visited mutated children in Kazakhstan hospitals who lived close to the Russian nuclear test site. He's seen the extinction of medicine plants due to the toxins of mining and the disappearance of many birds and animals that once roamed his childhood homelands.

Besides the obvious first step of cleaning up our environment, Corbin offers another solution that is more esoteric. He takes us into the inner mind and spirit of a medicine person ... where the spirit of each thing is what needs to be nurtured and talked to, in order to be strong, healthy and keep on living. He talks about song and prayer and talking to all the living things as a powerful solution to keeping them strong.

People who know Corbin have seen him communicate with the natural elements and living things, and they have also seen the results: Rain in drought areas, dry springs which "woke up" and came back strong after being sung to and prayed for ... plants flourishing where they were sparse before ... and the increase of rare animals.

Perhaps this all sounds coincidental, but if one has had the privilege of spending time with Corbin, one realizes that the many results are really more than a coincidence.

It seems that what is really happening is a deep communion between a human being and the living spirit of different manifestations of nature. Good gardeners have a sense of this communion. Nature lovers often feel it. Corbin says it begins by acknowledging the living spirit in everything ... appreciating it, respecting it and talking to it through words, song or prayer.

This approach is so different from that of the dominant culture. It requires birthing a whole new "world view" to commence this exciting journey. You may say, "I'm not a Native person. I don't have songs and special powers. I can't talk to the animals, the plants, the rocks, the sun, the stars, the wind, the dolphins and whales...."

Corbin says, "Yes, you can. All of us are gifted. We just need to open up the gifts by praying in our own way, singing our own songs, and talking to everything out there with love and respect. Don't feel foolish. This is how everything has been sustained for millions of years. This will open up a totally new world for you. Amazing things will happen if you are patient. This is how we will heal ourselves and our Mother Earth." Nancy Clemens

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