Mary's Message of Hope, Vol. I

As given to her messenger

Annie Kirkwood

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ISBN: 0-931892-35-X, 168 pp., 5.5 x 8.5, paper, $12.95

"Dear children, pray without ceasing. Do this always, sending thoughts of love and hope to all people of the world. Think of those who have lost hope and do not feel love." Mary, Mother of Jesus

Many people have been asking if Mother Mary continues to speak to Annie, and if there are further messages. Yes, She does, and there are many more messages. After Mary's Message to the World was published, Mother Mary urged Annie to begin a bi-monthly newsletter to keep in touch with all Her readers. So now, after 26 issues, Annie has collected together all the messages given by Mother Mary since April 1992, which include updates to predictions and many new revelations.

"The people who have written tell us they appreciate Mary's words of comfort and love in each Newsletter. She brings all of us a call for self-awareness, a call to find our worth and value. She wants people of this world to learn that love is the answer, and hope is ever present. Through these messages many have found the love that She has for all of us. She truly instructs with gentleness, gives us comfort, and above all fills our hearts with hope." Annie Kirkwood


"Mary's Message of Hope is a marvelous book that is certain to touch the hearts and minds of all those who are open to its loving energy. Regardless of one's color, creed, or country, the words of Mother Mary speak directly to the Soul." Brad Steiger, author, You Will Live Again

"As I read this book, I receive the calm assurance and the personal support that I've come to expect from the Divine Mother. Mary's inspiring, yet practical, messages touch my heart and my mind and wrap themselves around me in tenderness." Jean K. Foster, author, The God-Mind Connection


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