Annie & Byron Kirkwood

Books by Annie & Byron Kirkwood
Instructions for the Soul (Annie & Byron)
Mary's Message of Hope, Vol. 1 (Annie)
Mary's Message of Hope, Vol. 2 (Annie)
Mary's Message of Love (Annie)
Mary's Message to the World (Annie), also available on CD
Messages to Our Family (Annie & Byron)
Survival Guide for the New Millennium (Byron)

Annie Kirkwood, a Licensed Vocational Nurse (LVN) since 1965, travels giving talks, workshops, and seminars. Urging Annie to "Live the message," the Blessed Mother has directed Annie to encourage people to do the same. Annie speaks from the heart about her experience and personal dedication to spiritual growth and healing. When she is not working, Annie enjoys playing the piano, and painting, and working in her yard.

Annie began receiving messages in her mind from Mary, Mother of Jesus, in 1987 and continues to receive messages from Mary and other spiritual guides.

Byron Kirkwood (1946-2002) had an MBA from Southern Methodist University and was previously employed in the microcomputer and electronics industries.

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