Mary's Message of Hope, Vol. 2

As given to her messenger

Annie Kirkwood

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Mother Mary urged Annie to begin a bi-monthly newsletter to keep in touch with all Her readers. Annie has collected all the messages given by Mother Mary for the newsletter from April 1992 through October 1996 in Mary's Message of Hope, Vol. 1. Now, the continuing messages beginning from December 1996 have been collected in a second volume.

Table of Contents

Peace Is a Way of Life
Keep the Faith
Faith Creates Your Future
You Can Make a Difference
The Real Gift
Live in Peace
Peace Is Serenity
Be Faithful in Your Prayers
Seek God's Solace
Each Day Is a Gift
Live in Joy
Be Grateful for Your Blessings
Promote Peace
True Peace Is Alive
Pray for Peace
Conclave for Peace
Increase Your Faith
Prayer Brings Change
The Birth of Christ
A Time of Change
The Power of Resurrection
Truth Clears the Way
Hold on to Hope


My Dear Children, it is with great joy that I come today. I remind you of the peace which surrounds this world and which is simply waiting for a place within your heart. Peace, Love, Light and all of God's Goodness are already here waiting for a place within your mind and heart in which to live. God can only work through you. You are responsible for setting up a welcoming place within your heart. Peace will not come to the heart filled with hatred, resentments, jealousy, and selfishness. Peace will only reside in a heart that is working towards forgiveness, and loving unselfishly and unconditionally. You do not have to have forgiven everything; as you forgive, as you love ... peace grows within you. It fills voids that you hadn't recognized. It overflows into places that you thought were lost. It shines in the darkest corners of your heart once you have made up your mind to live in peace. It takes perseverance, commitment, and the desire to have peace in your heart, mind, and life. Once this great decision is made, you will find that the things that need to be eliminated will bring you the gift of forgiveness. They bring you opportunities to live in peace. One prayer is all it takes when it comes from the heart and with full mental agreement. Do not get overtaken by the commercialism of this season. Give gifts that come from your heart and give them every day. Celebrate the season of peace every day of the year. Then peace will surely come to earth.

During this season of the year, as I see many people become concerned with others, I urge you to stay concerned with others every day of the year. I see people making great plans for family, but not all families are making plans for every member of the family. Love your family unconditionally. Put aside your own personal judgments concerning others. Do not concentrate on how they should live, or how they dress, nor on who they are with, nor on any other facet of your family members' lives. Your whole purpose in life is to love unconditionally as you love yourself, and as you love God. Include every member of your family in your prayers, good thoughts, and in your love. Even those who have in the past harmed you in any way - each member of your family brings to you a great gift. It is the gift of healing, love, and peace.

Peace, my little children, is a way of life. Peace is not a destination. If you think that, when something occurs, or someone else changes, there will be peace, you will be disappointed. Peace will come to you when you determine to live in peace. Then when the decision is made, all that is keeping you from peace will enter your awareness. But this doesn't mean you failed; it simply means that you have succeeded. You cannot live in peace with disturbances of the heart or mind. So after you decide to live in peace, watch for the things that are keeping you from peace. Settle the issues of your life, heal the wounds, find ways to negotiate peace inside of your heart and mind.

Respect, acknowledge, and love each person who is in your life. Family is more than your blood relatives; family is the whole of mankind. Only when a good number of people begin to think of their family as the family of mankind, will people accept that every person is important to God. The people in your life, your friends, co-workers, acquaintances, and neighbors are here to give you a multitude of opportunities to love and be at peace. A thread runs through every person on earth and that thread is the love of God. Every person has within their being a unique and beautiful pattern. This pattern is their connection to God, to their own creativity and to their talents. This pattern is what makes each person different from others. No two people are alike. They may look alike on the outside, as in the case of twins, triplets, or siblings, but on the inside they will have a different way to express their creativity, and talents, and personality.

Love the differences; cease the urge to make everyone in your image. We are all created in God's image, and this is what makes each person wonderful. There is peace when you can accept the uniqueness and differences in people. There is peace when you can accept your own differences and appreciate your very own beautiful pattern. Being at peace means that you love unconditionally. Living in peace is living in vigilance. You are vigilant and aware of the circumstances and situations in your life. You can remove yourself gently from conflict when appropriate, and can be gentle and firm in how you treat yourself and others. Living in peace doesn't mean you become a doormat and allow others to misuse you or mistreat you. It means you love and respect yourself and the other person enough to remove the obstacles. You are honest with yourself at all times and can truly see the whole situation. If you react to a situation in your family because of what one person has said, you are not being honest. Look at every person, situation, and circumstance in your life in honesty and love.

You can do this, my children. If you pray for the eyes to see in truth ... the ears to hear the truth ... the understanding to decide in truth ... you can live in peace. As one more person commits to live in peace, more peace is brought to earth through you. It takes a host of prayers, a legion of love, and one person at a time to bring peace to earth in your lifetime. Nothing is impossible to God. He will continue to whisper lovingly until you listen to His silent voice. He will guide you in all things. He will teach you how to live in peace when you seek His Truth.

Help me pray for your world. Help me pray for your family of mankind and above all pray for yourself. You are loved more than you know. You are more talented than you can imagine, and you have more abilities than you can realize. Peace on earth is possible when you allow God to work through you to create His peace in your life. I am loving you.

Mary, Mother of Jesus.

Blue Dolphin Publishing, 2002

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