Messages to Our Family

From the Brotherhood, Mother Mary, and Jesus

Annie and Byron Kirkwood

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ISBN: 0-931892-81-3, 432 pp., 6 x 9, paper, $24.95

"Gather your family together to pray and meditate."

Originally conveyed over five years to Annie and Byron for their weekly family gatherings, this most powerful, beautiful, and thorough course conveys life-changing lessons in spirituality. In the most loving and inspiring manner, the family group was taught how to pray and meditate, to turn within, ask for help, and learn to grow in unconditional love. This profound book contains many prayers, affirmations, meditations, helpful tools for releasing abuse, resentment, and anger and for healing earthly wounds to the soul.


"Families everywhere will be blessed and awakened to their potential by this wonderful book of messages, which is destined to become one of the greatest works of our era." Jean Foster, The God-Mind Connection

"I expect this material may equal A Course in Miracles in finding its way into the hearts and minds of many. It provides spiritual food to nourish the journey through daily life." Carol E. Parrish-Harra, Sparrow Hawk Village

"I've read a great deal of channeled material, and this strikes me as some of the best: solid, practical, and very accessible. This rich spiritual motherlode can be mined for a lifetime." Carol Bee, Napra ReView

Table of Contents


1 Learning to Pray and Meditate
2 Talking to God
3 Growing in Spirit
4 Pray and Meditate Daily
5 The Thanksgiving Season
6 The Christmas Season

7 Beginning a New Year
8 Changing Your Reality
9 Truth vs. Appearance
10 The Lenten Season
11 Raising Your Expectations
12 Seeking Out Your Lessons
13 Renewing Commitment
14 Overcoming Hard Emotions
15 Praying as a Family
16 Facing Yourself in Truth a
17 The Power of Prayer
18 God's Extraordinary Love

19 Communing with God
20 Using Affirmations
21 The Seven Energy Centers
22 Maintaining a Strong Connection

23 On Faith
24 Life's Ebb and Flow
25 Opening Up to All Your Good
26 On Trust
27 Standing Firm in Your Beliefs

Part 5 1992-1993 LOVE AND SERVICE
28 Integrating Spiritual and Worldly Success
29 Facing the Future
30 Setting Up Prayer Circles
31 On Love and Encouragement
32 Deepening Love and Peace

Appendix 1 Automatic Writing
Appendix 2 Contact Information
Appendix 3 Poem: "God Loves Me Just as I Am"


In late 1986 Annie Kirkwood, author of Mary's Message to the World, started receiving messages from the spiritual entities known as the Brotherhood of God. It started in a simple manner, with Annie handwriting the messages using pencil and paper. However, with my (Byron's) background in microcomputers, I soon had Annie set up on the computer using WordPerfect, complete with the internal "speller" program for correcting spelling errors. Now all she had to do was key in the program name "ANNIE," and the computer would be ready to enter the messages, complete with a heading and the date the message was being received.

After receiving messages from the Brotherhood and Mother Mary for two years, they requested that we share what we were learning with our family. The following is a portion of the message Annie received on August 14, 1988, which explained how this was to be accomplished.

Gather Your Family Together (August 14, 1988)

...Now then, prepare your children and your friends by publishing the words which you will receive from Mary. Gather your children together, and teach them to pray and meditate. Teach them how to meditate and how to pray. They in turn will revise this method to suit themselves. But at this time they are not meditating. Some are trying, and we regard these efforts well worthwhile. It is not to these few, but to the others who are not even trying, that we wish to speak.

Children of Annie and Byron, listen to these writings that your mother is receiving. These writings are all truth. The events that are predicted will occur. There is no way to avoid them now. The planet Earth needs this turning over in order to heal and survive. Learn from these parents, who so love each of you. Come together once a week and pray and learn to meditate. This we request and have been commissioned by the One God to commence. In this once-a-week meeting you are to discuss and question those topics that bewilder you. We will give the group special messages to read at this time. Only united will you stand. And, if there are others who wish to join this family group, welcome them and urge them to pray for guidance.

Your first task as a group is to discuss the imaging of your individual temples. Each of you will build a temple in your mind to suit yourself. Do not tell anyone what your temple is like. This will be your special place to meet with us and with the One God. This is imperative. During the first week, work to build your temple elegantly. It should be so detailed and complete that you could build it on earth out of three-dimensional materials. Read excerpts from Jean's book that give the instructions on building your temple. We will be with this family gathering and will be teaching each person to open their mind to receive all the material we will be giving you. We once again urge each of you to comply with this request. We are always available to you for anything and at any time.

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