book coverSurvival Guide for the New Millennium

How to Survive the Coming Earth Changes

Byron Kirkwood

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ISBN: 0-931892-54-6, 112 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, paper, $9.95

Inspired by Mary's Message to the World, Byron Kirkwood has compiled a manual to prepare for and survive the predicted earth changes. He has gathered hundreds of thoughtful suggestions, lists of supplies and materials, and alternative energy sources, basic items that people should have on hand during natural emergencies and thereafter. Byron also explores new communities that are forming and ways to expand our spiritual connections to everyone on the globe.


"It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark! We all should be prepared for many changes in the coming decade. Byron Kirkwood's Survival Guide is a sure start. A beginner's 'must' for preparedness." Dr. Greta Woodrew, On a Slide of Light and Memories of Tomorrow

"Insightful and thorough instructions for those who feel called to prepare for material hardships during these challenging times." Dr. Chet Snow, Mass Dreams of the Future

"The clearest and most comprehensive 100-page summary of Earth Changes prophecy and preparation written to date. This inspiring little book provides an excellent balance of information on physical and spiritual preparation in a concise, and easy to read format. A tremendous service!" Matthew John Stenger, Wilderness Survival Instructor

Table of Contents


1. Overview
2. The Three Periods
3. Preparing for the Survival Time
4. Preparing for Natural Disasters
5. Suggestions for Accumulating Materials and Supplies
6. Selecting Your Survival Home
7. Communities
8. The Spiritual Connection

Appendix 1 Skills
Appendix 2 Materials and Supplies
Appendix 3 Emergency Supplies
Appendix 4 References
Appendix 5 Update of Events Concerning the Predictions Chapter of Mary's Message
Appendix 6 Extracts from our Newsletter


When a major portion of California breaks off from this continent, things will no longer be normal in this country. This will be a reference point for the entire world, warning of what is in store for the planet.

Have you ever thought about the interdependence of our modern day society? Try to imagine what day-to-day business will be like when California sinks into the ocean. The financial system would quickly shut down. Within a few days you won't be able to cash a check, especially if it is written on a California bank. With this kind of panic, bank runs will occur, and banks would soon shut their doors to prevent being forced out of business.

A major portion of our food supplies come from California. How long do you think food stuffs will exist on your local grocer's shelves after a panic run to stock up? Electronic equipment suppliers would be virtually out of business, after their inventory runs out. Most of the semiconductor components are manufactured or sourced in California. Just about every piece of modern equipment contains electronics as a key element. Today's cars cannot be fixed without electronic equipment. And often a car's "computerized" component has to be replaced. What I am trying to say is, no part of our society would be untouched as a result of the California catastrophe!

Then there is the human element. How many lives would be touched? Most of us have family or friends in California. How about those of us that don’t live there, but might be there on a vacation or business trip when this happens? All this will affect our lives - it will not be business as usual.

After this happens, things will eventually start to settle down and it may appear to return to normal. But it will never reach a normal condition, as it was prior to this event. The economic system will begin to deteriorate up to the time of the turning. During the time between the California catastrophe and the turning there are still the other major catastrophes to be reckoned with, those caused by huge storms, earthquakes and volcanoes all over the world. These too will take their toll on our lives.

I don't want to belabor these points, but these are the predictions. All this has been predicted as far back as Nostradamus in the sixteenth century, and by every modern-day prophet or psychic I am aware of. And yet, very few people are doing anything to prepare for this event, especially those people living in California.

Blue Dolphin Publishing, 1992

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