Mary's Message of Love

Annie Kirkwood

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ISBN: 0-931892-33-3, 152 pages, 5.5 x 8.5, paper, $14.95

The third of the Mary's Message series, in which Mary, the Mother of Jesus, speaks about the practice of unconditional love, and forgiveness as its key. In addition to messages by Mary, Annie has compiled all the teachings contained in her workshop on "Unconditional Love and Forgiveness."

"Here is a message from the heart, crowned by the jewel of simplicity. In reading these inspiring words, my heart is touched by the vision and kindness of the message. If we practiced the simple loving precepts in this book, the world would be a more beautiful and peaceful place." Alan Cohen

Table of Contents


1. Love - A Healing Energy
2. Forgiveness

Mary's Vignettes
You Are Loved
Love Is More Than an Emotion
Love Is an Energy
Love Is Compassionate
Find the Goodness
Mary's Call
Appreciate God's Gifts
Love Is Many Things
Find Your Connection to God
Love Is Active
Love Sustains the World
You Are a Miracle
God Is Within
Live in Peace
God Lives Within Every Atom
Love God by Appreciating Nature



My dear children, love is compassionate. Compassion is the ability to have mercy for your fellow man. When you are compassionate, you are forbearing in your relationships with people. True compassion allows you to see the other person's pain without becoming caught up in the emotion of the situation. It allows you to be kind in your speaking, to be gentle in helping others, and respectful.

Use compassion daily as you go through routine. At work treat your fellow workers with kindness and compassion. Let your words be truthful and kind. Many people are truthful, but are not kind in stating the truth. Truthfulness is not ruthlessness. Use compassion to state the truth. Let your words bring joy and healing to inflamed situations. Let your thoughts and prayers rise in compassion and truth.

Have pity on the less fortunate. Lift them up in prayer. Let your prayers be filled with compassion and let the pity of your compassion seek ways to help your fellow man. My children, let your help be true help and a salve for your ego. Let the help you give people, help them to help themselves. If you treat the less fortunate as wayward children, that is what they become. They will return again and again, like a child for your help. Then what happens is you become oppressed and find fault with them for not taking care of themselves. When you help, let your help be in the form of teaching them to care for themselves.

Everyone has abilities. When you are compassionate, you see their abilities, you see their talents, you are aware of their capabilities. To be truly compassionate, walk first with them, either physically or mentally. Get to know them and their situation. Allow every person to work to the best of their abilities, realizing that every person on earth has their unique talents, abilities, and capabilities. In this way you see every person as teachable. You will see each one as capable and of value.

Let your compassion help you see people as capable, as having God-given talents, God-given abilities, and God-given rights. Through your compassion, you respect their individuality, the uniqueness that makes them who they are. When you see their individuality and uniqueness, you see their connection to God. For it is through each person's uniqueness and individuality that God connects to that person. In this way you honor God, by honoring every person's connection to Him. I encourage you to live today in love, allowing your compassion to fill your day with kindness.

Mary, Mother of Jesus.

Blue Dolphin Publishing, 2nd edition, 2001

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