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Dear Friends,

As you may know, the past year has been a challenge to independent bookstores, distributors, and publishers. Superstores are swallowing the independent stores, and we are meeting the whole world over the Internet. Yet while the world's "progress" speeds around us, we still look within for deeper meaning.

Here at Blue Dolphin, we have been wondering, how do we reach the like-minded people for whom we are publishing books? Some books are so compelling that we just have to publish them because they change our whole way of looking at "reality." For example, the author of Summer with the Leprechauns rented a little cottage in Ireland to spend a quiet summer in retreat. But when she sees a family of "little people" sitting on her couch, half-transparent, and learns that the leprechaun can communicate with her and that they live on the third-and-a-half dimension, we are enchantingly led to see that our entire planet is teeming with intelligent, conscious life. At first you won't believe it ... then you will!

And not only our planet, but our entire universe! Please see the excerpt from Spirit Visions: The Old Ones Speak, by Dennison and Teddi Tsosie. A traditional Navajo silversmith and artist, Dennison began receiving spontaneous dreams and visions in 1986. Some have called Dennison a modern-day Nostradamus, but he humbly calls himself "only a messenger for spirit," and that "my purpose in this life is to help people open their hearts."

Outer explorations inevitably lead inward, and several other trilogies, including Dr. Schaller's It's Your Life!: A Gynecologist's Guide for Taking Control of It, Victoria Johnson's Emotional First Aid, and Ellen Laura's One-Minute Healing Experience, address our physical, emotional, and spiritual health on a personal and daily level. We hope these and other books we're publishing will really help you, and remember: an "old" book is new to someone who hasn't read it.

All best wishes, Paul M. Clemens

Dear Nancy

featuring psychic advice and guidance

Please send your questions to Catalogue/Communiqué, "Dear Nancy," c/o Blue Dolphin Publishing, Inc., Box 8, Nevada City, CA 95959.

Dear Nancy,

I hear that you really enjoy animals. I would like to develop telepathic communication with my dog, "Miss Pink." Would it help with my teenagers too? Joanne F., Laguna Beach, CA

Dear Joanne and Miss Pink,

Animals are great mirrors for us, as they reflect back to us what our own energy is really like. Mean animals have either been trained to be that way or they may have been neglected or abused by a previous owner. Our pets also try to help us process our unresolved feelings. If we haven't yet found a good method for clearing our blocked energy and emotions, our pet can often be observed acting them out for us.

I sense that Miss Pink is happy and that the two of you are already communicating telepathically. You are probably responding to her gentle "mental" nudges and not even realizing it. Doesn't she come to snuggle and comfort you when you've had a rough day? Don't you usually play, cuddle, feed her, or walk with her when she wants you to? These behaviors are partially familiarity and habit but also mind-to-mind communication.

Telepathy can be deepened and expanded by paying more attention to it. Spending quality, heartfelt time together, "merging" your energies together will open up the telepathic link even more. Going for a walk together and sitting together are two good ways to let your souls commune. By walking, you both have a chance to clear out the day's tensions. The resulting clarity is a perfect milieu for sitting quietly and tuning into each other.

Telepathic talk is usually received as impressions. If you imagine that your pet is saying "such and such," you are probably correct. Gazing into Miss Pink's eyes and telepathically telling her how much you love and enjoy her is an excellent way to open the telepathic flow. Playing together with a toy and having a good romp will open her heart . . . and that is the key to telepathy, the bonded connection.

This fall, our cat, Achilles, was sunning himself under the plum tree (a usual afternoon nap) in his usual spot. I passed him on the way to the clothesline and heard him "shout" telepathically to me, "I'm dying." I picked him up, took him inside, and tried to feed him his favorite food. When he wouldn't eat, I knew he was sick. A trip to the vet confirmed fever, an infection, and big weight loss.

Soon our wonderful elder tabby was healed. That was the loudest he's ever spoken to me. We'd had seventeen years together to form a telepathic link.

Sending loving telepathic thoughts to your teenagers throughout the day will bring you very happy results too. We all "pick up" on each other all the time.

All the best to all of you, Nancy

Our Publishing Rewards

Here's just a sample of the correspondence we still receive in response to Mary's Message to the World. Letters such as this remind us that powerful healing energy may arise spontaneously by grace. Paul

Dear Mrs. Clemens,

I had been suffering excruciating pain from my lower back for over fourteen months and was trying to get up enough courage to go to a specialist. Thank goodness that I waited!

I was fascinated from page one of Mary's Message. After twelve years of Catholic education, I was finally reading something that answered all those questions that I tried to suppress for all those years. When I reached page 120, second paragraph, I laid the book down, closed my eyes and asked Mother Mary to intercede for me for a cure for my back, that I didn't need to go to a shrine somewhere to ask, and that I believed in her and her message whether she helped me or not. In that instant, the pain stopped; my back was cured! And it has remained cured for more than three years.

My cousin got her copy from the wife of her chiropractor, who keeps Mary's Message in her husband's waiting room and gives them out to whomever inquires about it ... but that is another story. When you have Mother Mary as a press agent, how can you fail? F. H., MI

Love Notes to Heaven and the Medium for Reply

by Corinn Codye, editor for Blue Dolphin Publishing
Italic portions are by Jenny Crawford

The following is a true story of a grieving daughter who was given a few precious moments to communicate with her departed mother. The circumstances leading to this special meeting were nothing less than amazing!

Corinn: The first week of October of this year (1996), I was looking forward very much to meeting Jenny Crawford, a medium from New Zealand and author of Through the Eyes of Spirit, which I had had the pleasure of editing. Jenny's beautiful loving essence had spoken to me from the pages, and I was thrilled to have the opportunity to meet her in person at a workshop to be held on Saturday, October 12. Jenny had just arrived in the U.S. for a few weeks to promote her book.

My teenage sons and I had recently moved to a remote, rural mountain/desert community, Pinon Hills, near Wrightwood, California, a popular ski resort. Our home at 4800 feet is nestled among the pinon pines and giant junipers, yucca, rabbitbrush, and sage brush and looks out over the vast high desert below. Friday afternoon, October 11, the evening before I was to meet Jenny, my sons were exploring the property and found several dollars on the ground--a $2 bill, then a $10 bill, and then a $1 bill. Wow! And while looking around to see if there was any more money, they also had found a mysterious, weatherworn, white envelope that contained several handwritten pages. The corner of the envelope had a round hole punched in it, as if it might have been tied to something.

As I opened the envelope and read its contents, I was amazed. It was a series of beautiful, heartfelt love notes from an entire family, written to their departed mother/mother-in-law/grandmother, Louann, and sent with great love. Apparently, this message had been sent up in a balloon on a past Mother's Day! Who knows how long it had been on our property. A few words had been scrawled hastily on the inner flap of the envelope: "If found, please return to . . . (an address in Newport Beach)," over 80 miles south of us, and up and over the 8,000-10,000-ft. Angeles Mountains.

Then it struck me; this had to be more than a coincidence. For it was only a few hours before I was to see Jenny. I decided to bring the letter along to see if she could "pick up" anything from holding the letter. Of course, I also planned to send the letter back to its writers, but I thought the coincidence was so uncanny that perhaps these folks would want to meet with Jenny, especially since Jenny and her husband Rob were staying in Laguna Beach, the town next to Newport Beach.

Jenny: I felt my whole world had been turned upsidedown when I received news of my mother's sudden passing just as I began a book tour in California promoting my first book, Through the Eyes of Spirit. The very day her funeral service was taking place in New Zealand, I was conducting a workshop in Laguna Beach. I asked God to make me a strong person as I continued to be an instrument in helping others deal with their grief. I was amazed at how many people I connected with had also recently lost their mothers.

At the workshop, Corinn Codye came up to me and said she wished to share a very special letter with me. She produced a plain white envelope containing loving messages from a family who had recently lost their mother. Corinn told me that she was going to write to the family and I asked her if she would also send a copy of Through the Eyes of Spirit.

Corinn: Jenny called me later and offered the gift of a private reading to the family of Louann, if they desired one, and I extended that invitation in the letter, along with the book, that I sent to the family, explaining the circumstances under which the letter was found. I was excited as I dropped the parcel in the mail slot at the post office the next day. After a few days, I heard from Jenny. The family had called her. Louann's daughter, Nancy, had received the letter and was completely overcome with its contents, and very thrilled to have the opportunity to meet with Jenny.

Jenny: I felt deep within my heart that a beautiful sequence of events was unfolding. I was so sure that their mother had orchestrated this meeting.

The day arrived for Nancy's reading, and as I greeted her and her husband, I was overwhelmed by their beautiful presence and angelic light. Nancy was naturally nervous about our meeting, and before I could speak she had tears streaming down her cheeks. I explained that they might think this meeting was a coincidence, but I felt that it was the work of those in the spirit world who loved them dearly. . . .

As our reading came to a conclusion, Nancy asked me what I thought the real reason was for her mother getting in touch with her in this way. The answer that came back was plain and simple, "Oh, my dear, your mother is telling you that she received your letter and wishes to send her love back to all of you."

Corinn: Later I received a letter from Nancy:

I believe in angels
That they're always
Hovering near,
Whispering encouragement
Whenever clouds appear,
Protecting us from danger and showing us the Way,
Performing little miracles
Within our lives each day . . .

Dearest Corinn, That's what you did for me, "perform a little miracle" and watch over me. I cannot thank you enough for sending back our letters, that great book, and referring me to Jenny. What an incredible experience; it changed my life. No words can express my feelings towards your thoughtfulness. Meeting Jenny, I too have made a friend; she was wonderful!! My life was touched very deeply by our meeting. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart, Nancy

I later called Nancy and she explained that when she first got the package from me, she cried for a long time—she had been feeling the loss of her mother very deeply since her passing, and this was like a miracle, to get an answer back from "heaven."

She and her three sisters, their husbands, and their children had met together on Mother's Day, 1996, five months earlier, for a festive celebration at Louann's gravesite in a Costa Mesa cemetery. Each of the family members had worn something of Louann's. They had a picnic and had all joined together, children, spouses, and grandchildren, to write love messages and greetings to Louann and send the letter away on a bundle of yellow and pink balloons.

It wasn't until Thanksgiving that Nancy shared the whole story with her sisters, for she had waited until they were all together to reveal it to them. They were astonished and everyone cried and cried. The sisters were just sorry that they didn't have the opportunity to meet with Jenny themselves, since Jenny and her husband had already returned to New Zealand, but they'll be back.

As for me, I can only marvel at the way spirit can work to arrange things so perfectly. We'll never know where those dollar bills came from, but if they had not been there, my sons probably would not have been searching around and wouldn't have noticed the white envelope nearby. It was such an impeccable junction of time and place, considering the geography, dates, and people that had to be perfectly coordinated in order to complete this connection.

Archangel Corner

Angels are around every second of our lives! As author Sinda Jordan says, "Magical things begin to happen when we invite Angels to participate in our lives." Angels are nonintrusive beings and will work on our behalf only if we specifically ask them to. Their power, wisdom, and love are as close as our breath. Inspired by Angels contains over 80 such messages on a wide variety of topics. These two were selected to give an example of how we can ask for divine intervention and how to listen to the inner wisdom of our hearts.

Michael, with his benevolence and compassion for all of humanity, can be called upon when we are in need of loving assistance.

Access Your Guides
~ Michael ~

Be grateful for the times spent in silence. That is where all knowledge and understanding take place. You strengthen your connection with God when you meditate. You learn how to access your guides in the silence.

You have many teachers who wish to help and guide you on your path. Their assistance can enhance your life greatly. You need only to ask for their assistance through your heart, and knowing will take place.

Enter the silence and receive this guided knowing. Help is always there for the asking. The key is to ask and then to receive.

Prayer and meditation bring forth the teachings of the ancestors. Always give a prayer of thanks for the information received. The Universe likes to hear gratitude. It is the sign of a humble heart.

Uriel, with his watchful eye, helps us see our path more clearly; he can be called upon when we need his clarity to help guide us.

Trust Your Inner Voice
~ Uriel ~

Through your words it is possible to help light the way for others. Words of encouragement, hopefulness, and thankfulness are ways to uplift and strengthen others.

Always speak the truth with a sincere and open heart. Beware of statements containing comparisons, judgments, and criticisms. These statements can create fear and anxiety in others.

When striving to help another, go beyond that which is obvious and look to the soul. Encourage others to connect to and rely on their own truth rather than rely on you for the truth.

Trust your inner voice when helping others, and the right words will come.

Health Tips

Look to Your Garden for Cold & Flu Relief
by Nancy Clemens
with contributions from Dennison and Teddi Tsosie, authors of Spirit Visions: The Old Ones Speak

As you can imagine, we do things a little differently here at Blue Dolphin and in our small spiritual community. I'd like to share with you something fun that I learned by being quiet and listening to the soft, gentle voices of the plants in my garden.

About thirty years ago, I began a love affair with herbs, read numerous books, attended herbal classes and retreats, and grew as many herbs as possible. I sometimes felt as if the plants were talking to me and telling me things about their use or giving me formulas for healing. Some intuitive process was at work. One day while meditating, I received the following formula to help ease flu symptoms. To my delighted surprise, several herbalist friends verified that it was a sound and balanced formula.

(The recipes and remedies offered in this article are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical care. If you have a food allergy to any of these ingredients, you should not take the formula. Diabetics should check with their doctor or health practitioner to find out if they can have Golden Seal, and if so, how much. And if you have a high fever or any severe symptoms, you should see your doctor.)

Nancy's Cold and Flu Formula
Equal proportions (about 8 tsps. each):
Golden Seal Root
Licorice Root
Ginger Root
(These come in powdered form and can be found at an herb shop.)
1 package of gelatin capsules

Mix thoroughly in a bowl. (Don't touch your eyes as the cayenne will really sting) While mixing, say a prayer over it . . . it helps! Fill the capsules with the powder. Take one capsule/hour. It is important not to leave out an ingredient or to add a substitute. Have some crackers or a piece of toast with the capsule if the cayenne burns your stomach. The many people who have used this formula have reported an easing of symptoms (aches, nausea, diarrhea, etc.) during their bout with the flu, or a very rapid recovery. Sometimes, if you catch the symptoms early, a few doses of this formula will stop the cold or flu before it can get a foothold.

Another thing that really helps both viral and bacterial flu is the wonderful prairie plant, Echinacea. Back in Kansas, it's called cone flower, and the Native American people used it for healing. I have found the Echinacea tincture (which is a liquid form) called Super-Echinacea to be the easiest and best source.

I put 4 drops under my tongue for sublingual absorption each hour. It gives your mouth a tingly sensation. If you don't like it this way, you can put 1 or 2 dropperfuls in a glass of water or tea.

Super Echinacea - Herb Pharm.
Williams, OR 97544
(541) 846-6262.

Helpful Hot Drinks
A Clemens Family Recipe
Juice of 1 lemon
1 Tbs. real maple syrup (honey)
Small pinch of cayenne pepper (1/8 - 1/16th of a tsp.)
8 oz. hot water.

Don't Forget the Old Stand-bys
Several thousand milligrams of Vitamin C a day is a standard for both colds and flu.

Also a 50 milligram tablet of Zinc is said to help the healing process.

Drinking a lot of water is also very important to keep the toxins flushing out, and to prevent dehydration.

Dennison and Teddi Tsosie offer the next few recipes.

1 cup boiled water
1 tsp. dried thyme
1 tsp. dried hyssop
1 tsp. dried sage
Steep 10 minutes

Fever: (cooling blend)
1 cup boiled water
1 tsp. crushed, dried rosehips
1 tsp. dried peppermint
1 tsp. dried sage
Steep 10 minutes

Colds & Flu:
3¼" slices of fresh, bruised ginger root, boiled for 5 minutes
juice of ½ lemon
1 tsp. honey
¼ tsp. cayenne

Of course we wish everyone abundant health this spring and summer, but if you happen to get a common garden variety cold or flu, we hope our herbal remedies will help you heal in record time. If you have any special healing cures, stories, results, or questions that you'd like to share, please write to us!

May the Generosity of Nature Bring You Many Blessings, Nancy

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